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Meet the Team


The project was developed by Dr Carolyn Downs of Lancaster University Management School, who is also the academic lead. The project is coordinated by Professor Adrianna  Grigorescu of Valahia University of Targoviste this model of shared leadership is an example of how the European Union encourages cooperative working.

The team has members from other universities and research centres, further education colleges, business organisations and charities that work with people who might have barriers to being more enterprising.

Adriana Grigorescu and Leo Badea from Valahia University of Târgoviste in Romania

Carolyn Downs, Alison Clifton and Catherine Southworth from the University of Lancaster

Paul Lonyon and Carol Iveson from Tameside College in Greater Manchester, UK

Lambros Lazuras and Panayiotis Petikidis from SEERC in Thessaloniki, Greece

Jon Monk from the Business Group in Greater Manchester, UK

Ila Chandravaker from BTEG, London, UK

Popi Sourmandou and Giota Dandidou from The Ergani Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece

Grazyna Wieteska, Agata Rudnika and Bartosz Kalinowski from the University of Lodz in Poland





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